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About Us

Who we are

NEON Group is an investment company established in 1998, that operates in different industries including construction materials, retail, distribution and services. Its portfolio includes investments in Albania, as well as Kosovo. NEON Group has constantly sought to expand in terms of territory, by offering high quality products and serving its clients closely, making sure there is a high customer satisfaction.


We focus on achieving all objectives in relation to our values. By doing so our main priorities are Innovation, Accountability and Environment.

NEON Group takes into great attention to always be cautious under these three pillars, depending on each sector of its activity.

Strategy and Planning

Our main strategy is focusing on diversification of our portfolio and expanding our geographical territory. Under this strategy we make sure, in alignment with our values, that all the planning and investment opportunities are aligned.


Join our team!

The key to success of our companies is building a strong relationship with the talented people that are part of NEON Group. We focus on treating our employees with respect, honesty and fairness.

We encourage the expression of different thoughts, as we see it a major role in improving each of the areas we operate in. At NEON Group, we strive to show each employee a career development that can further specialize them in what they seek to do by offering them different career opportunities in the sectors we operate in.